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Milking Disaster

by Reanna

Final Rating: 5.39. Finished 32 out of 100 entries.

114 views including the voting period.


Animator: Reanna

Description: A farmer tries to milk his cow, but Bessie is not havin' it.

Experience: about 3 years

Time taken: around 4 or 5 hours weekdays


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Louis Renard:

Ok, that's funny

Natalie Wilkinson:

Beautiful secondary animation, but what happened to your audio? It is distracting :(

Aaron Rivera:

Haha, wow. I wasn't expecting that. Pretty solid animation, though some of the poses need work. Like when the cow stands on her hind legs she is completely off balance. And did she just shake the ground solely with her udder? It would've made more sense for her to either body slam the ground or simply stomp on it. There are also parts where the hind legs stay completely still when there should be some kind of movement to counterbalance the rest of the body. Regardless, a fun peice

Aaron McGriff:

Audio is all digitized and messed up in the playback. Check your compression settings. Some nice stuff going on here though.

Cuck Man:

Sounds a little wonky but the animation is pretty good. The part where the cow slams the farmer on the floor is also static.

Jim P:

i would have never thought of any of this. ha. extra star for 2d.



Diane Aarts:

that was.. unexpected..0_0

Sergane Sariani:

hell yeah, that's some mean cow !

Yue Yuan:

So interesting

J.K. Riki:

That's one angry cow!

Danny Kneip:

The pose of the cow at F166 doesn't work for me

Benjamin Berg:

This is great! There are only a few things I want to point out. When the cow smashes the man down at 130, I feel it is a little too fast and it's hard to figure out what happend. The last thing I noticed is that the slam at frame 211 to 227 could be clearer. Nice work.