Final Rating: 5.71. Finished 22 out of 100 entries.

166 views including the voting period.


Animator: James Winston

Description: A lady comes home early and catches her romantibot off gaurd.

Experience: few years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Joe Darko:

haha cool moves stewart!

Paris Hall:

I really enjoyed the idea, man!


i like the idea, nice job

Eric Buval:

I like the idea. This didn't come out too bad! You could use a better handle on the fundamentals. Your timing/spacing is not great; a bit clunky/inconsistent

Jim P:

i watched 5 times. that last "ping"- i can't see the sword make contact on que. Original idea.


So good. But the spray bit at the end is unclear and confusing. Had the potential to be the best this month, but just a few are ahead of it I think. The sliding whilst cutting is brilliant btw.

Sergane Sariani:

nice idea, but more expressions on the face, and cleaner animations, clean poses so we know what's going on, the action is fast so it must be clear :)

kishan Rathod:

haha !! funny concept ..

Guillaume Gimbert:

Ha ha ha!

Danny Kneip:

Fresh idea and well animated! I wish Stewart was in a spotlight at the end because it's hard to see him - there's also an unfortunate shadow from the beam running across the floor which doesn't help.

Benjamin Berg:

Looking good! I would say that the ending could use some more work and creativity.

Christopher Lovejoy:

I love that the chunky splattering sound accompanies a romantic table setting appearing. The last shot only suffers from lighting a bit. I really enjoyed it. Watching for a 3rd time. Perhaps the initial movement should have given a hint that he's heard his date at the door; as it is he appears to decide to start his dance without any reason.

Anthony Fong: