Final Rating: 6.59. Finished 9 out of 100 entries.

1,543 views including the voting period.


Animator: Himadri Sekhar Dhali

Description: Rivalry of Captain America And Wolverine!!!

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Joe Darko:

i lovee the malcom modiffss !!!! can i steal one off youuu ??!!!

Kiran Jay Babla:

Really nice work and cool malcolm mod, bet animschool will post this up!

Natalie Wilkinson:



cool idea and great animation! :)
but be careful, from shot f91 to shot f116 you did a axis jump with the camera.

Eric Buval:

That push off at frame 86 was really slow and a lot of your poses could be pushed a lot further. Good render and handle on character animation but feel free to push your timings and poses a bit more in the future. You can always change it back and you get those kinds of tests out of the way in blocking

Cuck Man:

That camera movement at 190 ish needs a bit of improvement.


it's awesome


This is the best one I've seen yet! Great work

Rebecca Moore:

You're definitely not allowed to use copyrighted characters. Which is too bad because the animation is pretty decent!


Wow! Great style, great animation and great adaptation of the malcom rig. Nice slow motion at the end and whip round from wolverine. Awesome.

Davit Martirosyan:

Good one!!! this month a lot of good animations how i can see, Awesome))!!!

Benjamin Berg:

Looks good! Though I would speed up the some of the punches at the beginning and I would put more force in when wolverine pushes Capt. America back. Also the jump at the end feels floaty.

Danny Kneip:

The big boys cross the line of action all the time, making it seem more acceptable (palatable). Doing so at 102 is distracting. Sequence is good otherwise.

Khursheed Alam Khan:

Nice animation

Diane Aarts:

really good.


that's amazing!!!!

Guillaume Gimbert:

It fits the audio quite well, nice anim too!


you should have narrowed their eyes at the end.

Anurag Sahu:

i loved it.... top list

Shawn Lopez:

The animation isn't bad. I think you could make the poses bigger in certain spots though.

Cory Parks:

really nice animation! not sure about the camera cut at frame 103. Almost threw me off a little bit.