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The Passage of Surprise

by Owen Fern

Final Rating: 5.02. Finished 38 out of 100 entries.

106 views including the voting period.


Animator: Owen Fern

Description: All this nimble young man has to do is make his way through this boring old corridor. What could possibly go wrong?

Experience: Second year animation student

Time taken: A few hours every few days over a few weeks.


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Cyril veiga:

Oh nice the jackass big hand.good idea

Aaron Rivera:

Pretty decent, but why would you sync the first two TINK sounds with pushing the button when it would make more sense for it to be the spears? The sounds in the middle after he avoids the spears are mostly ignored until the ending hit.

Cuck Man:

The sounds don't make any sense in the animation although it was pretty nifty animation.

Danny Kneip:

This worked out really well! I see what you tried to do at F212, which is have him leap to avoid an obstacle, but it reads to me like he's already been hit and is flying backward, which ultimately happens at F220, and I don't feel the IMPACT of the hand hitting him! Overall, the concept is well done, the camera movement is nice / subtle, the poses are pretty solid and it was great to see your progress in the WIP forum! Thanks for sharing!!

Sergane Sariani:

the best trap corridor I've seen so far, and I'm half way through ! so good job !

Anurag Sahu:

love all the poses and concept........