Final Rating: 2.28. Finished 99 out of 100 entries.

114 views including the voting period.


Animator: TonyStarklol

Description: lazy santa dint care anymore

Experience: huh

Time taken: 2 years


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Joe Darko:


Matthew Lajoie:


Cyril veiga:

I am sorry but its a bit too simple.looks like a kid animation , if you're a kid that's fine just keep goin you'll get better.


loool troll santa

Jesse J. Jones:

Not really animated, just a slideshow.

Aaron Rivera:

There's not much to this one and only the second half of the sound syncs up with the animation. The shuffling is ignored and tons of frames are missing. But it is funny.

Jim P:

better than i could have done.


It's a start.


This is not up to the standard of most animations submitted - there needs to be more inbetweens and the story is unclear.

Danny Kneip:

Joyless and messy, but at least you tried! While it lacks the fundamentals of animation, your concept is mostly clear (overly aggressive santa doling out presents to some brat). You make good use of a couple of the audio cues, but the audio, in general, is largely ignored.

Christopher Lovejoy:

pretty funny!

Abhishek tiwari:

Trolled Animation.

Shark Bait:

a masterpiece