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Spaghetti Western Wizard Fight

by Lauren

Final Rating: 4.70. Finished 44 out of 100 entries.

88 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lauren

Description: A gentlemen's duel between wizard cowboys.

Experience: Currently studying animation

Time taken: 10 -15 hrs collectively


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Kiran Jay Babla:

Kinda cool but I had to watch a few times to fully understand what was happening!

Natalie Wilkinson:

The lack of faces coupled with the backs turned to the camera makes the viewer feel disconnected from your piece.

Jonathan C.:

Nice animation but I don't think the motions really fit in with the sound effects.

Aaron Rivera:

I can't really tell what's going on, but the animation seems smooth. I think the body shapes and timing need work, as there are parts where things happen too fast, and the body shapes seem to change, like when the green guy turns on the ground. Also, if the green guy is pinned on the floor, why does the red guy shoot straight in front of him? Also, most of the sounds aren't even used in the animation. It's a neat looking animation but doesn't work well as an entry.


Its hard to see what's going on in this. Would have been great to see a more finished version as it looks like you are a good draughtsman.

Danny Kneip:

Off to an interesting start, but it's very difficult to figure out what's really going on here at first blush. The overhead shot starting around F17 doesn't work because the scale/perspective is off. Still, a decent attempt.

Sergane Sariani:

what is going on ??

Matthew Kenyon:

Couldn't tell what was happening.

Erin King:

Really beautiful cinematography.



Saeho Oh:

try to match the sound effects.