Final Rating: 2.21. Finished 100 out of 100 entries.

121 views including the voting period.

Animator: Ashley S.

Description: Tried a 'domino-effect'-esque machine.

Experience: Mostly classes, and some off time

Time taken: 30 days on and off


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Aaron Rivera:

This is barely animated and what little there is lacks any kind of nuance or realistic physics to fit the concept.

Jim P:

hmmm, Kinda like 3d pinball. cool

Cyril veiga:

Okay! I dont really understand .

Sergane Sariani:

yeah, I see what you did here, but no... if you're going for something like this, at least make it look really awesome and epic, this is pretty cheap, sorry if I hurt your feelings or anything, but that's the message this animation gave me...

Benjamin Berg:

Very basic. You should work on putting more movements into your animation. Also, some of the movements look like they defy gravity.