Final Rating: 6.93. Finished 5 out of 100 entries.

5,329 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anton

Description: Maybe I am too late to save them, but I WILL AVENGE THEM!

*Bow and Arrow Rig by Josh Underwood

Experience: 3 yrs

Time taken: 10 days


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Melanie Fumey:

Wow ! That's pretty cool ! Very nice idea with the archer!

Ruth Agada:

This is the best i have seen so far. The anticipation of red Stewart and the final shot are my best parts. Great job!!

Chad Cox:

Awesome job! Your use of camera angles and camera moves really take your story to another level. Keep it up!

Eric Buval:

Very well done. I hope you win and get the free class. There were a few areas that could use more attention in this piece. For the most part, you had good posing and a fine handle on the fundamentals but the animation is stiff in certain moments. I think if you'd given more time to this you could've made it a lot better given some fixation on the smaller details.
2 things you could easily fix - the timing on the sword sheath around frame 213
and before playblasting, press and hold space, click "show", uncheck "hud". It will get rid of the arrows at the bottom left. Again, great job on this, just a bit rough around the edges.

One thing my top votes did that you did was keep objects that give off noise consistent. Even good animations got low scores from me because they had objects account for the noises in the audio clip at random. The bow accounts for a noise when the camera is close but not when it's far away. The sword and gauntlets make whooshes and clangs etc.

Jim P:

Thats the winner.

Yinan Hui:

Wow! Here is a "Features" short movie, haha. Great idea ! Love it. Some improvements of camera movement could make this one achieve a new level, I think. Overall great work! Keep going, dude !

Justas Mikolaitis:


Danny Kneip:

An exciting entry from start to finish (though the final shot would benefit from Stewart raising his head to express some emotion). This is an epic vision that is well executed with believable action (minus the grey Stewart crossing the distance in about 2 frames starting at F249 where he exits the frame).

Diane Aarts:

ooo nice you put a whole story in here and everything. they had character, and you matched the audio nicely. good stuff :)

Sergane Sariani:

really cool stuff !

Guillaume Gimbert:

Oh yeah! So powerful

Sajjad Afzal:

Good animation with nice camera angles and my kid is loving it.

Grace Diggens:

Such a good use of matching the sound to the action. Amazing!

Shawn Lopez:

Man, I really love your camera work! I especially love that part when that guy gets in that sprinting pose. This is looking great so far, excellent job!

Christopher Lovejoy:

works very well overall. I'd only suggest a little more body language in the archer's reaction to her compatriot's impact. She seems so composed until then, maybe put a bit of agitation in her stance as she loses her cool and prepares to finish the red guy.

Manon Taillard:

very good job on the sound synchronisation !