Final Rating: 4.02. Finished 69 out of 100 entries.

26 views including the voting period.


Animator: Fabien Collet

Description: an adventurer tries to escape the snares of a temple

Experience: 5 Month

Time taken: not enough time


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Joe Darko:

poses arent too bad but timing could be faster :)

Louis Renard:

Your story requests a lot of action, but the animation is really too smooth, too soft.


I like the idea, :)
but the jump is to light and to slow. and at the end the hands are in default pose.
keep goning! :)


Overall very floaty and not much emotion conveyed - you need to work on pushing the pose in areas to really accentuate the areas you want to.

Danny Kneip:

It's a good attempt, but I wish you had pushed the poses harder and really gotten the most out of the rig.

Sergane Sariani:

poor kid, trapped in the end, so sad :( but more seriously, add more dynamism to it all and it could turn out a lot better

kishan Rathod:

Nice idea .. ! would have been done better ..