Final Rating: 4.19. Finished 62 out of 100 entries.

58 views including the voting period.


Animator: 叶海 or Eric

Description: The lack of time, only 4 days, many of the details not ready

Experience: 4 day

Time taken: 1 year


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Kiran Jay Babla:

Don't know what happened at the end, he just flew away. Otherwise I cool animation.

Malcolm Carrott:

Adding some more actions to hit all of the sound effects would have been cool.


nice idea. :)
I guess at f77 the guy under the shield would get down because of the weight of the other guy.

Khursheed Alam Khan:

Only start is better overall need lot of work


Not bad, but not as good as it could be. When he jumps off his shield, he seems a little floaty. Originality of idea needs to be worked on too.

Sergane Sariani:

nice facial expressions in the end, but some actions aren't clear enough