Final Rating: 4.10. Finished 79 out of 174 entries.

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Animator: Rob Tanguay

Description: Mery, who is a lawyer, is visiting her client in jail. The inmate has been driving her nuts since the case began months ago. Mery thought it was going to be an easier day, but thanks to the inmate, Mery's day is ruined... again.

Experience: About 3 months at the DAVE School, Orlando FL

Time taken: 2 weeks, 85 hours


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Jessica Brown:

Looks nice! I'd like to see it finished. Also, you might throw some faster movements in there to break it up :)

Sandra Boogaards:

Adding a little movement to the male character would really help improve the animation. Especially when the male character is talking.

Ethan Gettman:

Nice staging!

Roshan Pinto:

it would be a great piece.. if the guy moved

Mag Magnet:

hi scout c: