Final Rating: 5.68. Finished 25 out of 174 entries.

578 views including the voting period.


Animator: Roshan Pinto

Description: The guy is committed to someone else. but has to marry coz of some reason

Experience: Some

Time taken: 1 day


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Ben Zettl:

Timing is good but spacing of movements needs revision

Jillian Kate Marini:

Owch- great job making the viewer feel for the characters! Lipsync on the guy looks good, on the women less so. I especially notice the lack of connection on the lipsync on the word "but" and the words following. Women's facial expression freezes towards the end. Would be great to have holding poses there. Really like the fluidity of the characters


Lovely acting and the right energy level for both characters in my opinion. Especially fond of the acting choices on the guy.


Good concept.

Dan Harriman:

Lipsync didn't quite work for the woman.

Michal Shukrun:

Wow I totally didn't see that coming!


Great story and fluid animation.