Final Rating: 3.60. Finished 116 out of 174 entries.

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Animator: Guille Voda

Description: Why this man is nervous? i don´t know but the girl is not so cool

Experience: A few years (I am 15 years old)

Time taken: This animation took me 18 days


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Roger Crown:

Why not use a model sheet for the clarifaication of the womans arms...right as it is,,,they look like nasty 3d puppet move from the elbow and not an whole arm movement.......and why are her hands soooooooooooo small with fingers than barley restigar on the eyes............and where things stand of her face could be alot meaner that what is drawn.

Valentious Williams:

I like this one , color and all works , but the performance needs work and the drawings abit more polishing .

Simon Edwards:

The problem with using one drawing for the face is the VERY limited range of emotions you can get. I suggest adding more drawings to accentuate the different emotions evident in the dialogue.