Final Rating: 6.51. Finished 10 out of 131 entries.

198,756 views including the voting period.


Animator: Julien Ferritto

Description: During a Table Read a Director tries to give some tips to her actor.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 5 nights after work


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Marcus Taylor:

I really like the eyes, they help sell the story and emotions well.


Looking great...

Anthony Di Siervo:

Super awesome animation !


Wow, the animation is just really good !
The anticipation and reaction works good !
When they speak, they really seem to speak, lipsync and facial expression is great
Good job man :)

Szilard Hadobas:

Hi I like the characters, and the animation is well detailed the reactions are super! Great job! However I am not familiar with your acting choices especially with the lady. Why she puts the glasses on? Why so fast? Why she acts superior of the guy...

Eddie Higgenbottom:

I like it from frame 194-256 I think the mustache need to be done away. character two is talking at a high pitch