Final Rating: 4.17. Finished 65 out of 131 entries.

316 views including the voting period.


Animator: sagar gupta

Description: they are having a conversation regarding their work progress. The girl is trying to convince the guy but he is not in the mood of taking her advice.

Experience: 2 and half

Time taken: 6 days


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Jyrki Kanto:

Good work!

Alex Ang:

Something about the way they just pause for each other is off. I know it isn't a dead hold, you're doing things like moving the eyes but possibly in how everything moves at once when they hit poses. Needs overshoots and settles into the holding or listening poses so the character feels more natural.

Szilard Hadobas:

The guy is not listening to the girl in the beginning.. He might think of something else, but then he gets the thread of the conversation miraculously. This is not like real life :)