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3D Studio Max Final Animation

by Wesley Sarfowaa

Final Rating: 1.27. Finished 131 out of 131 entries.

772 views including the voting period.

Animator: Wesley Sarfowaa

Description: This is an 11 second video of my aniamtion

Experience: N/A

Time taken: N/A


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Jordan Barg:

what the hell


I don't recall eating mushrooms...


what is this tutorial for?

Chad Justus Perth:

I'll never wash my eyes again!

Lee Nam:

great walk

Jyrki Kanto:

Cool story

Noyan Özkan:

gj guys.. let these things be uploaded here...

Pallav Sharma:

whats this


didnt understand the tutorial


Lets try and stay on topic please.


Hilarious. Please don't submit an entry like this again, you're wasting time for the voters.

Szilard Hadobas:

Nice job! However I don't agree with all your acting choices... The camera handling and storytelling feels little Stanley Kubrick-ish, but I also sense a bit of Tarkovsky. Keep up the good work!

Sabrina Winkel:

You need to put the competition audio in

Richard Carrillo Barrios: