Final Rating: 6.33. Finished 13 out of 131 entries.

11,240 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paul Gueguen

Description: An actor casting for a movie.

Experience: Still a student

Time taken: Around 2 weeks


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Good job :) I feel like you could've made this better by moving the legs somewhat or shifting his weight onto his other leg by moving his hips. Just a minor suggestion.



Jersson Velasco Rodriguez:

General is good..but the lypsinc feel soft. a little floating..and the pelvis stick all the time.


move legs...

Alex Ang:

When he does that gesture with the glasses. you have him pivoting all of it from the ik wrist control. To make it better see if you can make it look like the movement starts in or is affecting the elbow, just thinking about what is leading what and interactivity
the elbow is also colliding with the other hand now that I'm looking at it

Richard Adams:

Really well done, strong personality really comes through. Love the secondary movements especially with the sunglasses.

Szilard Hadobas:

Great job! Well done! I love that I see the thought process the character have. My only concern is the big antic at about 180F.. I feel it is over-exaggerated..

Jason Wellings:

Nice smooth animation but your weight and balance hurt you here. His root/hips don't shift at all and for a while he looks like he should fall over (frames 200-240 or so). A little more attention to balance and it would have made my top 10. Very solid effort though and the rest of the animation looks good