Final Rating: 4.35. Finished 57 out of 131 entries.

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Animator: Sam Neale

Description: Francien is not happy with the Actors (Frank) take on the audition and wants an Indian accent. Frank is shocked, he can't do an Indian accent ironically, he awkwardly chooses to decline instead of admitting he can't.

Experience: Started animating about 10 months ago.

Time taken: 2 weeks


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JoJo Leong:

Great acting choices. The lady should be facing screen right to give it a better flow. At the start, she looks towards the left, so the audience feels like shes talking towards someone on the left.

Great job :)

Alex Ang:

framing issue, I know you have her on the left and him on the right but if she is looking screen left we expect him to be situated screen left of her in the next shot, It's an example of the line in film and how it can be set before we even have a second shot planned out.