Final Rating: 5.55. Finished 19 out of 80 entries.

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Animator: Philippe Hosselet

Description: My first 2D lip sync!

Made with Toon Boom Harmony
Audio: Guardians of the Galaxy

Experience: Masters degree Animation Three month internship

Time taken: 24 hours (3 work Days)


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Tiffany Chao:

The part where the large pets stops in his tracks, and pulls the guy backwards doesn't seem to match the tone of the dialogue - if animators were allowed to modify the dialogue I would expect to hear a panicked tone in the guy's voice as soon as he realized he was falling over. Otherwise, I'm a fan of the guy's bouncy walk cycle : D

Michaela Wadzinski:

The movements are a little stiff. The idea is there and I love the look and character designs. Just think more about follow through and anticipation.

Brian W.:

I really enjoyed this one. Limited, but effective. Characters really come through.

Evgeniy Shumskiy:

The walk cycle of spaceguy makes his leapsync look rigid. IMO he also moves too fast.


Nice characters...

Ben Hall:

The problem here is this is more focused on being a walk cycle instead of being about the situation of the dialogue it's not a bad walk cycle it just doesn't fit the situation well