Final Rating: 6.91. Finished 5 out of 80 entries.

2,984 views including the voting period.


Animator: Thomas Janson

Description: The croc-cop explains to his bulldog-buddy how he arrested the pesky human back in the day.

Experience: 1 year in the industry

Time taken: 2 weeks on and off


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Daniel Oliveira:

Well done!!!

Alessio Iellini:

Nice! If you want to let the dog making that noise after "code name" I think you have to anticipate better in order to switch the attention from the crocodile to the dog. give him more importance since the beginning. try to place it closer to the crocodile and facing more to camera. when the guy does that gesture with his hands, his face is almost cover. try to never cover the face of your main character during main line accent. keep going!

Yeison Martinez:


Ivan Mendoza:

Great job. One of the best.

Michaela Wadzinski:

Awesome Idea!

Keshav kourav:

ha ha ....good !!

Ben Hall:

The animals and the human have good facial expressions and the animation is fluid and they move realistically like the animals they're supposed to be I just feel like it prevents them from doing more interesting poses here. Also it's really funny :)

Laurence Magennis:

lovely expressive characters and mad concept


Nice.. Acting is believable...last frm 270, the Croc looks some where else and the composition can be more clear as the dog is overlaped by the boy..Render can be done more better or only a good playblast would work fine.