Final Rating: 6.01. Finished 9 out of 80 entries.

1,389 views including the voting period.


Animator: Antsa Ratsimbason

Description: When two corrupted cop decide to interrogate an unusual suspect... A code name?!

Experience: 1 years

Time taken: 2 weeks and a half


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Keshav kourav:

Nice work ....can be a winner

Ruben Uggla:

I thought the ending was really funny. All I can see that could use some improvement is how he beats his hand, for the lack of a better word, since it docent feel like it had any impact or that he was even hitting that hard.
Otherwise well done.

Ben Hall:

The animation could be just a little more lively and fluid.


I like that you can tell the guy in red should be wearing handcuffs - it would really sell the shot if you could model/rig a pair or get some premade cuffs in there :) maybe the fist pounding motion on the cop could be a little stronger, but overall, pretty nice.

Bruno Fabian:

Nice done!