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i hope It’s not that weird..

by praveen kv

Final Rating: 5.82. Finished 12 out of 80 entries.

779 views including the voting period.


Animator: praveen kv

Description: hi guys... Experimented with some fast -paced acting. It was fun but didn't get enough time for this..anyway thank u so much for watching.. Rigs used: Norman basu and Qnorman

Experience: *some

Time taken: 5-7 days after work


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Carlos Guadarrama:

Great animation! I would watch out a lot for those knee pops.

Keshav kourav:

good !

praveen kv:


Lucky Brown:

Nice, i like the snappy-ness

Ben Hall:

it's too fast in some places and sometimes the action doesn't match what he's saying or is over exaggerated.