Final Rating: 3.62. Finished 56 out of 80 entries.

343 views including the voting period.


Animator: Giorgio Condè

Description: An Outlaw Name...

Experience: 2 months

Time taken: 11 Days


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Richard Adams:

Use of copyrighted characters, like Deadpool, not allowed in this contest

Michaela Wadzinski:

The rendering is high quality, but I'd watch those shinier materials, they look great on surfaces but make characters appear to look plastic.

Daniela Lobo Dias:

The way the characters freeze in their poses kinda has a cool effect, they kind of look like stop motion action figures. But if that was not your intention, I would add more continuous motion, so that even when they are standing still they are not perfectly froze. The pop the blond character does with his neck at the "HUH" is too much and distracting. I'd tone it way down and make it feel more natural.

Ben Hall:

the motion doesn't have any ease in ease out making it look unnatural