Final Rating: 7.45. Finished 2 out of 62 entries.

224,750 views including the voting period.


Animator: Reza(Pouya)Hadiani

Description: Tom is a Badboy...

Experience: 10 Years

Time taken: 7 Day


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Robert Allen:

So is she the candy bar?

Megan Menetrey:

The lip syncing could be better, but the motion is fluid.

Brian Martinez:

great job!

Vincent Henri Guillaume:

a tad overanimated, but very good efforts

Pushparaj Shettigar:

nice expressions loved it :)


There's a lot of good stuff in here but it seems a little overdone in the middle for the way the character is speaking. That's just me, though. Also, why is a girl in the boys' locker room? haha

brezilian G:


Anais Larocque:

Nice animation ! :D I wish the girl was a tiny bit more expressive, but it's only my opinion haha.

Eric De Carolis:

nice render!
Some notes:

- both characters lip syncs are off
- the guys screen left eye is too far into his head most of the time
- some of the guys gestures are unclear. I dont know what gesture you are going for when he does that hand wave around frame 174

Myrel Talbaje:


Jay Jay :

I like it!
Bad boy and good girl
I like their animate style that based on their personality

Farbian gasmin:

Nice animate and Render❤️

leo sanchez:

Fantastic job!! My favorite so far.
I like curve of boy's movement

Gabriel Hencz:

The animation feels nice, but the lip sync is really off. I'd focus on that next time. Nice work though!

juan francisco leon:

the winner

Mike Schanbacher:

Nice work. The boy feels a little over-animated in places...the animation itself is great, but perhaps just a tad too energetic for the level of enthusiasm in the audio.


not bad .