Final Rating: 6.44. Finished 15 out of 124 entries.

93,902 views including the voting period.


Animator: SunjungKim

Description: He tells a secret to his friend.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 1-2hours per a day for 3 weeks


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Cheryl Swanberg:

This is my favorite so far! I love how fluid the characters are! I think the final line doesn't quite make sense with the characters movement, but the animation of the paper is a really nice touch!


I love the setting and character dynamic!

Balkar Singh:

Awesome animation

Wang Cheng Will:

Good simulations, but the chubby guy needs abit more work, and his emotions can be more clear

Katie Wyman:

Your overall animation is lovely! Especially the map movement. Body-language is also very nice. I do think your overall composition could use a bit of work. I think your shot would benefit from referencing the rule of thirds more closely. Trying to follow the character's eyelines is also a bit distracting/inconsistant since I feel as though the characters lack a consistent focal point, or, when they are meant to be looking at each other their eyelines don't meet up. The audience is always going to be following your character's eyeline, it's something that's quite instinctive, so a clear eyeline makes a world of difference. Finally I also feel like your characters react a little too fast to eachother, like they're reacting just before the line hits. You need at least 16 frames for any single facial expression to translate to the audience, and any key pose change usally needs considerably more time. If it becomes tough to fit everything in I'd say economise the acting in your shot, cut some poses so that there is more breathing room (time for your audience to absorbe what is going on) overall. It'll make the existing poses mean more overall. Sometimes less is more. Beautiful piece overall, well done! I'm rating highly for this


lip sync not good otherwise nice!!!

Morgane Lau:

I like the little details, like the "poc!" on the head with the map, or the food out of the mouth!