Final Rating: 7.09. Finished 6 out of 124 entries.

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Animator: Aayush Srivastava

Description: Joker is explaining how finding a batcave will make this guy rich...but you never know joker's true intentions

Experience: 3.5 Years

Time taken: 2 Weeks (After work hours)


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Kushagra Singh:

Good though. Needs some work around frame 255 when he looks down.

Wang Cheng Will:

Wow, amazing direction, but the joker could have been more menacing/threatening when he gets up on the table in my opinion

Mahammadul Karim:

Awesome Animation and Concept, You are in Top 10 for Sure

Susobhan Samanta:

Great job.

Varun Boomboi:

Bat cave! Nice


Great Video.. Nice Finishing and good background !! Perfect Video !!


nice camera move, culd have added a punch and surprising element on the postcard ( i thought it was a batmans cave)

Jayaraj Lk:

Good one

Balkar Singh: