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Drunk With Power

by Anim Phantom , June Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.68. Finished 1 out of 124 entries.

1,616,743 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anim Phantom

Description: A drunk billionaire is trying to convince one of his employees to do his dirty work.

Experience: some

Time taken: a couple days


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Elisabeth Janerka:

Super nice!
Great subtle animation!

Matt Weir:

wow, really well done. really convincing performance

Cheryl Swanberg:

This is lovely! Nice cloth sim, as well.

Tyler Lynch:

Really nice work!

Rony Torres:

Nice!! I like the acting :D

Ruben Uggla:

Really well made, potential winner in my book.

Jamie F:

Great! Nice acting!

Suyog Patil:

Top 1 This is Winner...
BcoZ its nicely balance and more convincingly Done..

Varun Boomboi:

We have a winner! \m/


HAS to be the winner! Brilliant work

John Toland:

Love the hair sim, was it done in xgen or Nhair, or both, I'm working on this at the moment, and really like it, the animation looks really good though. cloth sim, liquid sim light amazing - animation is something I have rewatched over and over - Its excellent.

Michael Daemmig:



Awesome man !


we have the winner here :D

Wang Cheng Will:

Amazing... Reported for smurfing

Rajarshi Pal:

very nice work man


awesome...nice acting

Morgane Lau:



Great shot dude. Could've maybe lightened it up a little, it's a tad dark.

Marten Visser:

Oeeh this one is great. Nice choices you made in the acting and clothing. Only thing I would say is that the hand on the table is a bit too stretched, especialy for a drunk guy.( I guess he is drunk)

Roma Mohamed Roma:

THIS IS BRILLIANT!nice idea Awesome Execution,The best one for me so far and 100% this is the winner piece,looking forward to see the breakdown

Pallav Sharma:

surely a winner it is.....!!!!!!

Ivan Mladenovski:

Very nice, keep up the good work.