Final Rating: 5.64. Finished 37 out of 147 entries.

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Animator: Kartick Pramanik

Description: Some time we forgate how to keep clean our city.It is not only our resposibility,it's our duty.

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 10 days


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Leonardo Rivera:

Movement is smooth and staging is really good. I just feel like the womans acting on terrible crime is alittle rushed and doesnt really match.

Jaime Santana:

Oh hell yea. I Love the idea, love the poses, love the movement, love the render, I just love this.

Beth Rowe:

nice orignal take on the sound. lip sync seems completely off.

Susan Weatherill:

Great subject matter.

Jonathan Fontaine:

Love the bike idea !

Jorge Zagatto Neto:

Great staging! You sold very clearly your idea! Acting needs some improvement.

Ankit Jaiswal:

good concept, nice animation.. good work