Final Rating: 5.75. Finished 34 out of 147 entries.

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Animator: wajahath khan

Description: A Lady and her accomplice try an pull the wool over the town's Sheriff.

Experience: No Professional or formal student experience. Self-taught.

Time taken: 3 weeks.


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Jaime Santana:

Fantastic job. Her walk is a bit weird, but I kind of like it. Everything else is brilliant.

jay patel:

Nice Job

Beth Rowe:

funny anim. needs lip sync work.

Jorge Zagatto Neto:

You had a great idea and chose a nice style to play with, but you didn't staged well the narrative, speacially when the audio cames in. Like, we don't get instantly why the girl grabs the sheriffs face. The final scene is a little weird to. You should have waited sheriff to say his line and then her hand reveals the thief ...

Jonathan Fontaine:

good start and concept, the girl moves too much and could use stronger mechanics..


why does someone carry a bell in a wild western scene