Final Rating: 5.38. Finished 49 out of 147 entries.

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Animator: Samuel Bourland

Description: Batgirl was supposed to burst out from around the hall but ran out of time.

Experience: 2nd year student at animschool

Time taken: 3 days for animation. More time was spent prepping the rig and UI.


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Jaime Santana:

Not sure what's going on but the poses and expressions are phenomenal.


Your animation is great but the scene play is broken, it's really hard to understand what happened towards the end.

Beth Rowe:

seems a little floaty in some areas.

Gabrielle Nonnenmacher:

Very good animation technique, we would have wanted to see the other character...

Quinn Dickenson:

I am a bit confused of the story here.

Madison Austin:

Posing is very good, I love the emphasis on the "terrible portion" as it definitely adds to the character's motions. One critique I might suggest is holding each pose for an additional beat as it almost seems as if it's flowing into one another. The poses should hold for about a second before moving on to the next pose as it will read even better that way. Overall, amazing job.

Ankit Jaiswal:

loved the poses, just missing thing is timing, those poses have bad timing of appeal. but its appreciable