Final Rating: 4.35. Finished 90 out of 147 entries.

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Animator: Kenneth Alexander

Description: Lady thinks that being overcharged for room service is a horrible crime.

Experience: 9 years - mostly for fun

Time taken: 4 days


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Jaime Santana:

Lmao. This is... Pretty unique, I'll give you that.

Susan Weatherill:

Skillfully done and good punch line.

Gabrielle Nonnenmacher:

Interesting point of view!

Sean Yeung:

Very interesting idea for the framing!

Quinn Dickenson:

I wish you have shown more than one angle of the characters, it is hard to get a good reading on animation from the distorted bell. It also shows off that the man snaps from his start position to movement when the bell is rung


That shot makes hard to evaluate the actual animation

Tim Kamara: