Final Rating: 6.25. Finished 16 out of 147 entries.

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Animator: Anton Chechenev

Description: They understood each other perfectly.

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 1 day


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Alexander Xavier James:

You're breaking the 180 degree rule. Some really solid moments in the acting. You definitely captured personality in your characters!

Chester Sampson:

Love this one!

Jonathan Fontaine:

very good !
Lipsync could be simplified on 177 the M of crime to silence should be more subtle..
The arm of the guy on pose 223 could also be improved .. to have better silhouette and mechanics ( if you trhow your shoulder forward like that you would also twist your torso..

apart from these 2 main issues for me. I Love the idea, the acting, the subtext...great !

Ankit Jaiswal:

good posing and good timing.. but why her lips keep moving


amazing job !!!