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unmasked, a Terrible Crime

by Ricardo Terra

Final Rating: 5.91. Finished 26 out of 147 entries.

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Animator: Ricardo Terra

Description: how unmasked is a Terrible Crime

Experience: I have been a few years that I don't animated at all

Time taken: about 16hs


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wajahath khan:

Very relevant and current idea, i like it!!

Sasa Rodrz:

Maybe sync the face better with the audio, it seems a bit off

Jaime Santana:

This is awesome. Her showing the phone is a little floaty. Would definitely love to know how you made the mask work. And the solitaire game is a nice touch. Motion blur hurts transitions.

jay patel:

Animation is gone make on top. Nice Job


covid appropriate!

Jorge Zagatto Neto:

haha, a lot of this kind of crime here in Brazil...