Final Rating: 6.96. Finished 7 out of 147 entries.

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Animator: James Lin

Description: A scene in a 60's film noir film

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Toby Leung:

Smooth motion! Can work a little more on the lady’s facial expressions

Jaime Santana:

Dood yes. Nice flow. You acted this out amazingly.

Natalie Spangler:

Very nicely done. Acting is very believable and the actions know when to stop. Very well done, congrats on this beautifully acted piece.

Beth Rowe:

lip sync needs a bit of work. especially on the 'you can' and' report'.

Susan Weatherill:

Very nice fluid style.

John M:

I love the old movie styling.


Nice animation, but missing punchline!

Jorge Zagatto Neto:

Great animation in the man. I would like to see more connected muscles at woman's face as she speaks.


the detective needs to move his head more