Final Rating: 2.81. Finished 71 out of 85 entries.

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Animator: Brayan Stiven Valero Mora

Description: El guasón esta en un hospital psiquiátrico hablando solo

Experience: Estudiante

Time taken: 1 mes


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Ben Zingo:

exaggerating some cartoony movements might help, it seems like with some of the quick actions you might have been going for that effect..? But focusing on your major poses, and then paying attention to arc, would help.
There's also some foot sliding, and the camera movements are pretty jarring at times.

Byron Pockrandt:

I appreciate the concept of 1 man improv. I think the camera movement could use some work. It's a little jarring. I'd rather see jump cuts instead of the camera moving between the poses. It also doesn't help see the actual animation when the camera is moving a lot. But good work.