Final Rating: 3.00. Finished 67 out of 85 entries.

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Animator: Anna Eivör

Description: Frame-by-frame animation made with Toon Boom harmony and my imagination

Experience: learning

Time taken: Had half a day for it


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Byron Pockrandt:

I appreciate the clean lines and coloring. I would have liked to see the other character. Some of the movements could use inbetweens. Very jumpy emotions.

ro crown:

Awfully tight and squeezed feel to the male mouth and other movements for no real reasons that not having fun loose as a mongoose is wha alot of us can suggest to you. And the laziness of not showing the second character does not win ya any points that for sure!!!!!
So do I see good to great potentional from you?...indeeeeeed I do!
So, am hoping to see alot more from yourself as you seem to have the 'IT'...factor to acting and animation for this one just a low score of 5 from me...sorry.