Final Rating: 3.84. Finished 53 out of 85 entries.

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Animator: Harry

Description: Bit ruff soz

Experience: Decent amount

Time taken: 5 days


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Dan Boot:

Love the character design and posing but the lack of lip syncing hurts it.

not sure on the big head bit but the rest of the posing is good keep it up.

Byron Pockrandt:

I appreciate the concept. But there are parts that need lip sync work. There is some great animation in here though. But could use some more work.


There’s something incredible about this, but some of the action moves too quickly to savor.

Cristian Scholz:


ro crown:

3 stars, as I am not sure of what you are relating to....

Luisa Schneider:

Love the weird design and Things Happening, i just think it needs more refinement so that you can see more clearly what's going on. Creepy and interesting