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A fish on a flight

by Toby Leung

Final Rating: 7.18. Finished 4 out of 85 entries.

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Animator: Toby Leung

Description: didn't have time to polish the fish shots...

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 4 days


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Ben Zingo:

there's a couple movements (like the finger point at 60, and wrist gesture at 135) that feel a bit rushed/robotic. The waitress' lipsync/mouth shapes also feel a little stiff/staccato at times, I think there should be more easing on the corners of the mouth? Hard to put my finger on the issue there.
Some great details in here though, like the fish also moving its fin at the 135 wrist flap. Nice work!

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Nice concept!

Poppy Marlow:

I like the momvent on "The aqufina is the best!"

Byron Pockrandt:

The last bit was a bit fast, but still wonderful work all around. Love the waitress pose when she says "Best"

kayode ogunremi:

I love the idea....