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Animator: Stephanie Guerreiro

Description: A waitress is taking a woman's order in a diner.

Experience: 4th year student

Time taken: 1 month


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Poppy Marlow:

Good expressions!

Byron Pockrandt:

Lovely. Great work. Great hair animation. Would like to see some cleanup, but great work otherwise.

ro crown:

Love the stylings of the waitress she moves with grace, so a big 10 stars from this enterTAINS me, and that is what 2d animation can and should be about !!
Thank you sooo much for submitting this, and hope to see more on here from I kinda think I know who this is....[but I could be wrong...]
Again, big 9 stars from me and hope ya keep coming with more in da future!!!!

Tariq Sbeinati:


John smith:

Good stuff but having the characters freeze immediately after they finish their lines makes it feel kinda janky. Which is weird because the first camera cut didn't show the girl freezing before cutting to the lady.