Final Rating: 4.13. Finished 48 out of 85 entries.

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Animator: Ankit Chauhan

Description: waitress makes her day

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 1 week


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Jasper Foster:

I really like the colours and the concept! The shot composition is good and so is the overall posing. There are some problems such as the inbetween frames, it needs more slow-in-slow-out and overlapping action, the dolly-zoom was way too aggressive imo (look at how other directors use dolly zooms. Weather that be animation or live-action)

Overall, composition looks amazing (It reminds me of Yasujirō Ozu!), the posing it good, better than mine haha. But you need to work on those splines in the graph editor and that dolly zoom.

To fix that dolly zoom, focus on the subject. Dolly zooms are normally used with a close-up and dolly slightly to show internal changes.

¡Viva la animación!

Byron Pockrandt:

Fantastic poses and great body animation. The lip sync could use some work. I did not see that ending coming, it got me good hahaha.