Final Rating: 6.08. Finished 17 out of 85 entries.

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Animator: Colleen Perusek

Description: Who knew there were so many choices for water?

Experience: Student

Time taken: 3 Weeks


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Ben Zingo:

There's some really nice fluid motion, but some of it still feels unnatural. I'd suggest angling the bartender's neck forward a bit, and try animating it a little more so it doesn't feel like a stiff neck. Try to make sure the gestures really land on the emphasis of the sentence, and don't worry if they're still moving/still in the follow-through stage of motion when the camera cuts (it seems like in some of the last shots, you rushed to get the characters into a resting/static pose before the camera cut)
some great stuff here though!

Byron Pockrandt:

Beautiful! Very well done! Only critique would be when the waitress says "Best", her actions are a little fast. But wonderful work!

Priscilla Pina:

The movements was really smooth here and I love the expressions of the characters.