Final Rating: 7.48. Finished 7 out of 72 entries.

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Animator: Colleen Perusek

Description: A disagreement with her boyfriend leads to a difference in opinion.

Experience: 2 Years

Time taken: 2.5 weeks


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Jen Quinn:

Probably the best lip sync for this that I’ve seen. It looks incredibly natural. I would say the hair bun probably doesn’t need to bob around that much, but it’s nicer to have too much than none so I’m not complaining either!


The poses and expressions are fun, the timing would need just a bit more work to make the animation a little snappier

Richard Adams:

Top 5, possible winner. *REALLY* good!

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

Amazing how you can bring so much emotion to such a subdued performance.


The animation is really good. The only thing that takes me out of the scene is the context. What is she doing? Why is she mad? I get that she's in a living room but the context feels a little empty. Other than that it looks fantastic. The animation alone is beautiful