Final Rating: 4.77. Finished 49 out of 72 entries.

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Animator: Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto

Description: A shallow man trades a recent but faithful companion for the next shiny new thing. (Also my first project 100% in Blender)

Experience: 3 years in 2 Masters, 2 years currently building portfolio and seeking a position

Time taken: 23 days


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Samantha Koffler:

Super creative!


The poses are nice, you should try making the transition between them a little smoother to make the acting look more natural and less stiff

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

In hindsight, I should've given more time to the silent part; every movement feels rushed.


A very interesting take on the audio, and I like that I see so far. Although it feels like the character is moving pose to pose for every pose. Just bu adding a few breakdown and overlapping action would immediately strengthen this scene