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Saving a friend

by Alexey Medvedev, June Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.69. Finished 1 out of 57 entries.

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Animator: Alexey Medvedev

Description: This is my first Blender touch. I created Donut character and rigged it. That was an interesting challenge! :)

Experience: 17 years

Time taken: 3 weeks, 1-2 hours per day evening time


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Camille Souchard:

Amazing animation ! I especially love the part where he's watching the donut run, his expression is super lively, funny and well animated. Congrats !

Caroline Geddis:

WOAH! The animation looks sooooooo good, definitely one of the top animations here! :D

Renell Test:

The googly eyes on the donut are so perfect.

Dapoon Rai Dewan:



Love the idea, how the little donut scurries around, and the character watching him, really great! :)

Bethany Thompson:

I literally love this so much! the story, the characters, and the animation is beautiful! Great job!

Mahesh Waran:

Wow! What a style!