June Competition


Hello 11 second club members!! We want you to know that after the June contest, the 11-second club will be on break and be coming back later in the year. We don't have the specific date yet but any updates will be posted in the forums.

The June Character Animation Competition has begun!

In order to focus on your animation, please take advantage of the free character rigs we've linked to in the Resources section, and avoid spending a lot of time on lighting/rendering/etc.

Entries can be character animations in any medium, from CG animation (Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Animation:Master, etc.) to traditional 2D animation to stop-motion. Consider posting your progress videos in the Work in Progress forum. Feedback and criticism will make your animation stronger!

Not sure how to encode your animation?

See our Helpful Hints for encoding entries to see what works best!

Entries Received: 2

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Voice 1: It's just like crushing an egg. Or you ever hit a melon with a hammer? It's like... like the twist! Ever do the twist? It's like doing the twist. One... Two... Three... and crush that head.


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  • Copyrighted rigs and/or character designs will not be allowed in entries unless the entrant has the right to use the rig and/or design. The "Azary" and "Ashrafi" rigs are specifically NOT allowed.
  • Don't edit the sound file (beyond adding silence before/after if needed - please try to keep the extra time to a minimum, winning eCritiques will not include added time)
  • Don't put your name or contact info anywhere on the actual video (this makes voting unfair).
  • Don't try to upload files more than 10MB (the server will automatically reject it).
  • Don't use anything overtly offensive (this is not the place for crude sexual humor, extremely violent imagery, or intolerance towards any culture/religion/gender/etc.) This is also not the place for political statements of any kind.
  • Do have fun! :)