Final Rating: 6.39. Finished 7 out of 169 entries.

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Animator: Peyman Bodaghi

Description: Peyman Bodaghi

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 3 week... part Time...


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Brian Heath:

good idea...


I like the idea and I really like when the character 'SWIPES' between parts. I think you could've done more in terms of acting though when he was actually saying the lines. It felt kinda stiff.

Derek Stewart:

Cool idea, nice play of body language between each "character." Needs lots of polish, particularly in the lip sync, maybe doesn't need the title at the beginning.

Adam Singer:

Nice snappiness :) The lip sync could use more work and I think that would really take it up a notch. Keep it up! :D

Mervyn Le MandarinOrange:

Very Well Done!!

VieEik Thong:

nice animation

April Slocombe:

Even though the same poses are used throughout I like the animation and the lip sync.

Akshay De:

your movement between 2 positions is excellent. the lip sync is not. also it lack imagination and expression. if it was an actor you would say he was a really bad actor

Jaime Colque:

good character animation

Balázs Varga:

Fantastic idea, perfect body and face animation, but the lips..


nice timing and great poses

Pauras chaudhari:

there are two repeat poses could have changed the pose a bit to keep things interesting, for eg. when he goes again and says "why?"...hand poses are repeated too...the torso is locked in space moving holds are needed ...i like the transition of poses really fluid.. nice idea very unique.