Final Rating: 4.53. Finished 80 out of 169 entries.

30 views including the voting period.


Animator: VieEik Thong

Description: serious game, tough choices. whata ya mean bad?

Experience: i was introduce to animation and Maya last year. so i was pretty fresh to it.

Time taken: exactly 1 month with my lecturer's help


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Decent animation. Almost feels too animated though, I would pull it back a little.

Daniel Hollister:

the opening with the mouth movements is great, but i feel some of the later animations are a little over exaggerated. good job!

Craig P. Smith:

Kinda swooshy movements. I think you should 'land' or 'stick' the poses more, and be more focused going from one pose to another. Especially at the end.

Jan Abero:

I think some of the overlapping actions come off a little awkward especially during the typing and some of the hand gestures between 235-245 seemed a little off to me.


see the shoulders man .. also the fingers are floty on the air

syrus johnson:

bad posing

April Slocombe:

Cliched pose on "Why?" but the rest of the poses and actions are good while the animation is smooth and the lip sync is solid.