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Whattya mean bad?"

by amir

Final Rating: 5.79. Finished 24 out of 169 entries.

64 views including the voting period.


Animator: amir

Description: Speaking in mental institution

Experience: 4year

Time taken: 5 day


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Lipsynch needs work. Facial stuff is nice.

Ruud Harbers:

I feel there's a back story here, but I don't get it...

Jeff Woodward:

Love the camera changes, the lip sync was great and the gestures were awesome as well :d

Lance Erickson:

The backpack appears to have changed colors and the boat doesn't even show up until the end. From frames 150 to 185 while the one guy is talking, you can see the other guy's shadow just standing there. I think he should be putting on his backpack at this point, because when it cuts to the next angle the guy already has his backpack on.

Jaime Colque:

you need a better story