Final Rating: 4.49. Finished 82 out of 169 entries.

19 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mervyn Le MandarinOrange

Description: This month's challenge is my 1st entry.

Experience: Just started 3D animation about a year ago.

Time taken: 3 Weeks


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Needs some work on lipsynch, could use some smoothing on character movements.

Kevin McCullough:

Too much pointing and W poses, needs something more original, animation isn't bad but some bg elements get distracting like the flickering umbrella texture at the start or the water effects, might have been better off using depth of field to really blur that stuff out.

April Slocombe:

I like the beach idea. Good poses, lip sync and animation throughout and the ending with the shark' skin is funny.

Derek Stewart:

Fun idea here, there's just a lot of work that is needed on fundamentals, particularly in the area of anticipation, staging, timing, etc. Let the characters breathe! This has a lot of potential of being a great piece. Keep at it. Nice render, by the way.