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"don't cross the streams"

by Kalpesh Patel

Final Rating: 5.84. Finished 23 out of 169 entries.

104 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kalpesh Patel

Description: the thought behind this animation is , there is guy how knows what can happened if some one cross the streams, so he tells hi buddy to not to cross

Experience: still have to animat lot

Time taken: 13 days all togather.


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Kevin McCullough:

bg guy at the beginning is great, really well done. The rest is just so so, I think its a little under animated given the tone of voices. A fuller bg might help


I love the beginning of this.

I think more polishing could have been brought to when the character says "Why?" around 163. He sort of 'pops' up which is kinda funny but also a bit too much maybe? Just my thoughts! Good job though!

Zoe Piel:

Nice secondary action on the big guy. Very lively!

Sarah Talbot:

nice job keeping both characters active the entire time. The shot edit during the larger character's dialogue is a bit jarring, however, and make following his lips difficult

Derek Stewart:

Nice idea. There's a clear message in this, and I haven't decided if it's funny or a bit dark. Maybe both. But I like it. Needs some work on appeal in the wounded character and some more polish on the lip sync. Other than that, it's headed in a good direction!

Jon Coppock:

love that Groggy characters attitude

Patrick King:

The movement of the characters looks pretty fluid, but you broke the 180 rule. Also, make your cuts during the action of the guy turning.

Daniel Roldan:

Great "What?"